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Amy Bell

Director of Business Operations

Amy brings over 25 years of experience in the Financial Sector to us here at Mill Street.  She has a well rounded background in Finance, Investments, Business Development, Strategic Growth, Operations, Culture Development, Networking, and Marketing.  

Amy believes in creating a company framework rooted in integrity and hard work.  She strives to create a holistic culture that ensures that the entire team can thrive, and where everyone can reach their highest potential personally and professionally.  She is committed to driving the organization’s vision, growth strategy, and operational goals.  

Amy has a love of books, and regularly reads on the topics of health and personal development.  She believes in a balanced life, rooted in healthy routines, and in creating a life that you love.

In her spare time, you will find Amy enjoying the beautiful outdoors or traveling to new places.  She is an adventurer at heart, and loves exploring.